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Friday, May 20, 2011
First post of the year on May which is ending soon. This thing is totally dead. So I'm back here to retrieve it. Time passes extremely fast. I've went through new year, Chinese new year, first term exam, Show's concert and now in the midst of mid year exam already. Time really flies like nobody business.

I was worrying last night whether can I watch next year 紅白藝能大賞 live next year or have I chosen a wrong path. Is that what I want? But everything is too late for me to turn back. Oh well, be optimistic.

Get back to the mid year exam. I think I screwed up most of the subject especially BM. I fucking leave the peribahasa and the komsas thing blank. English, I don't have enough time to do two essays. I don't know whether are they dumb or am I dumb. They expect us to write two essays in 1 hour and 45 minutes. Dumb ass! Try it yourself before you set the time. Pdg. I've no idea what to say. History and Accounts. K.O-ed. The only high hope subject will be econ but if I screwed my paper 2 on Monday. I'm going to get myself a coffin.

Okay. Before getting myself a coffin I think I should work hard first. Till next time ( Idk when).

I want Stage, Manhattan Portage and all Show's album and books! My wishlist is no longer that long. :)

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year People! <3

I'm not happy. I want back 2010! ;(

It's surprising to know that I actually like a city in China. Yes. I like Beijing. It was like, eh it's China leh in the beginning. But China is now a country that is undergoing development and it's gonna be better than Malaysiain a few years time. Even now they're way better than Malaysia. They have public transports that will guarantee you from not getting late to work or any places. For example, they have MRT that goes anywhere and cost only ¥2 no matter which station you stop. Most importantly there will be a train PER minute. Besides that, they have 5-6 public buses queuing up at the bus stand for workers before and after working hour. During working hour, when ordinary people wants to go anywhere by bus they only have to wait 3-5 minutes for a bus.

Somehow, some people do think that China is those falling behind country, places there are dirty, people's there are rude or whatsoever even I used to think that way. In fact, after this trip, I think Beijing is a clean place, people there has good manners especially workers in hotel and shops. They will greet you when you go into their shop and says thank you when you leave even you do not buy anything.

Photos. :)

Jing Shan Park / 景山公园.

The Forbidden City / 故宫 / 紫禁城.

Yang Xing Zhai / 养性斋.

They say branches of this tree looks like the Dragon's jaw.

Water tank for putting out the fire. It used to have gold on the surface, but those Japanese scratched it off during war.

Hall of Supreme Harmony / 太和殿.
National Grand Theater/ 鸟蛋.

Bird's Nest / National Stadium / 鸟巢.

Huge right? It can accommodate 100,000 people.

*ignore me. Water cube / 水立方.
At Olympic Village / 奥运村.

I'm on the 中轴路. In the middle of Beijing.
On my right. There's no end in sight.

On my left. There's also no end in sight.

Does it looks like Dragon's head?

Little Panda! <3

There's a huge spiral staircase inside. :o It was made to make those who walk in it dizzy.
At Beijing Museum / 首都博物馆.

The dog on the left looks like mop right? Haha.
At a traditional courtyard home / 四合院.

三里屯 Village. <3
They call Uniqlo, UNI- 咕噜.

三里屯 Village.

三里屯 Village.

三里屯 Village.

三里屯 Village.

The Place Centre Point / 世贸天阶大屏幕

*ignore my parents. Heaven of Temple / 天坛



王府井大街. It kinda looks like Ginza in Tokyo.

Front gate of the Great Wall.

黄崖关长城 located in the middle of Beijing, Tianjing, TangShan and ChengDe.

If I'm not mistaken, this is Emperor QianLong's tomb / 乾隆陵 at 清东陵.

Imperial Summer Palace / 避暑山莊 at ChengDe. -15 c. Cold-nya.

The 热河 in 避暑山莊.
No matter how cold the weather is, this river will not freeze.
wo mama hen extra!

7.38 a.m. It's still dark outside.

Summer Palace / 颐和园.

Looks like a big building but when you open the door what you see is just a wall.
It was blockade by Empress Dowager Cixi so that the emperor could not get in.

They say this tree looks like a phoenix.

Dragon and Phoenix.

At Xidan Commercial street. It kinda looks like Orchard road.
It has 12 shopping malls from the beginning till the end of this road.

Pakho. <3>
at adidas neo-label / style.

Ice! It melted when I reach K.L. :(


I love Beijing! <3>
The most memorable and satisfied trip of the year. :)

First week of holidays.
Friday, November 26, 2010
It's Friday. That means my first week of holidays is ending soon. I've been busy playing the sims. Wasted. However. I don't feel like it's already holiday. Because I gave myself too much holidays before holidays started. I found myself tanned. Not very it's just a bit. After I came back from Taiwan. I did not use a single drip of sunblock. :) Because I don't think I need any. Hahahaha. I'm still very fair compare to some people. I'm not pale btw. :D

I've got numerous things I want. But. When the fuck can I have the chance to get every single thing.

I want :
1) Ripcurl's boardshorts.
2) Ripcurl's towel
3) Down vest
4) Blue leather jacket with hood from Zara
5) Red air max
6) Yellow nike dunk
7) Vacation to Italy
8) Tons of jeans and shorts.
and many many more.

How good if my dad owns boutiques that sell whatever I want.
Fine. Fact is fact. Nothing can change.

Random thoughts of the week:
How I wish I've got a rich and handsome hongkonger dad.
for example Mr. Miu.
So that I'm not born in some stupid country.

That was what I'm thinking of this whole damn week.

That's all. :)

And and I want holiday to be elongated. It's going too fast!

Monday, November 8, 2010

November 8 2010 is gonna end in not more than an hour time. That means it's gonna be my secret admirer's birthday soon. The person that doesn't like to bath, very loud all the time, likes to shout, likes to bite ( haven't tried before but I don't think I want), likes spongebob, has a smelly and dirty ngau ngau, always says that she's mature ( but only on the clothing side and attitude *she says that), like long long dresses that can cover up her whole body, likes to eat, likes to take photo in Pavilion's Parkson's dressing room, has somehow same fairness as me, has good mandarin like ''ni de gou jiao dao wo '' , always shows her stupidity which can makes people burst out laughing and ect. Besides, she has mature thinking ( not in every way of course), she has serious melancholy at times so she has to talk to ngau ngau. Yes. You're the one that I cried at when I've problems, you're the one that gave me advices, you're the one that forces me out, you're the one that call and scold me on the phone when I'm not aware of what's happening. There's lots more but I don't think I have to list it all out as we knew each other well (maybe). We've known for four years, it's neither long nor short. I appreciate it. :)

Happy Birthday Girl ! I Love You ! :D

Venting time !
Saturday, October 23, 2010
Time flies. October is ending. 2010 is coming to an end. When it was January I wish time could goes faster so holidays will be nearer. Now. 3 terms of exams ended. It is so fast. Thing comes and goes. It would not come out as what you expected. So do not put too much of hope in something. If not you will be very disappointed. And for me, no more high hopes on my results. I know it's gonna be bad not only bad is very bad. I'm not into study.

I'm gonna be Form 5 soon. I don't know what's my ambition and what am I going to study after form 5. Everything seems to be very common nowadays. The worse thing is I don't know what I like and what is the damn fucking thing I've passion for at this age. I'm not interested on everything. There are a variety of choice but I'm not into any single thing.

Yes. I study in a commerce class. But. I can still choose anything I like no matter is it related to Science. I thought of being this and that. But. What for doing when it's for the sake of doing. Can I just stay at home and not to think all this shit. No. I can't. I can't expect my parents to support me when I'm an adult.

I've my plan. I wanted to go Bronte. After that. I wanna get into UBC. What for planning all these when the main thing is not planned. It's just a waste of time. And my English is like shit and how can I get good results for TOEFL. If I can't score on TOEFL how can I get into Uni. I am and was so naive.

Okay. I'll just stop writing this kind of stupid shit and get to bed before my migraine gets worse.

Yay !
Friday, October 22, 2010
Finals ended yesterday. Is like finally. I flunked few subjects. Like Econs, Science and Accounts. No doubt. Science is my weakest subject of all. Accounts was expected. Econs. I don't know what to say. I just don't have the mood to study for this subject. For the day before Econs I found myself very stressful so I just gave up studying it.

Period and sick during exam does not feel good. Headache, stomachache, backache, running nose and cough. My god. So suffering.

Went to school today. Class was quiet cus only 12 ppl there. Slacked around. Chit-chatting, magazines and books for the whole day. Got back Maths and English. Not satisfy at all. I was aiming for both 80. End up both 70 over. But. Nevermind. I tried my best already. :) At least there are A minus. The danishes came for English lesson today. Played game on knowledge of Denmark. Quite fun. That English guy is hot. No offense. :X

Itunes 10 suck ttm. I just can't transfer songs into my ipod. So. I downgraded it back to 9.2 and I have to RECREATE MY ITUNES LIBRARY. Suck arse.

I wanna watch "The Perfect Wedding" so badly. :( I forgot what I wanna write. Have to think back. Why can't I change my font colour ?

Oh ya. I got the conditional acceptance letter from Bronte. There are a list of fees and some don't know what. And it says they will send the official acceptance letter after paying the fees. Going Canada is somehow better than going Australia. This is my thinking. As least ppl there are not that racist and there are lots of Chinese.

I still can't remember what I wanted to write just now. Oh well. Forget it. I'm not going to school on Monday. :D There are a lot of mosquito these days. Hope I don't get dengue. Mr. Mosquito, fuck off from my life. Thank you.

I think that's all. :)

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